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  • Aaron Zaslofsky

Stand for Something

I'm committed to sometimes uncomfortable truths and advice always based on your business dynamics, not mine. The same goes for deferring to others with expertise beyond mine.

I'm devoted to seeing you succeed. This mantra provides a constant reminder that our success is dependent upon the goals you achieve and the targets you exceed. Nothing else matters as much.

I believe in handing you a fishing pole while at the same time teaching you how to fish. Knowledge is to be shared for the benefit of my clients.

I believe that your needs supersede mine. I give my all to clients and embrace the idea that sacrifice is part of healthy, long-term relationships.

I know I have only one reputation, which I’ve cultivated carefully over many years. Reputation is earned over time, but lost very quickly. I’d like to keep mine and that means I do right by my clients. I don’t do what’s expedient or easy or self-serving.

I covet trust and reciprocity. Trust translates to depth of relationship, an emotional connection, genuine respect for one another, and just plain enjoying each other. With trust, you have yourself a fulfilling and fruitful long-term partnership.

I believe in versatility and am equally adept at strategy and execution. Versatility is also about winning communication challenges with different approaches to different business dynamics.

I know that changing minds is hard work. Sometimes the approach calls for irreverent or an emotional appeal, while other times for a data-driven approach to make the case for change. Your audience might be welcoming, uncertain, hostile, or ambivalent. In this business, one size fits none.

I understand that I'm a reflection of you. I search for clients who share values and an approach to business that calls for communications to play an integral role in performance and culture.

I believe that communication drives relationships, and that relationships are the foundation on which business either thrives or withers away.

I live the idea that extraordinary results take extraordinary effort.

And I believe in loving what you do and letting clients see it.

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