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I imagine my clients as ships navigating seas of culture and change. If youre a canoe, Im the paddle. If youre an ocean liner, Im the rudder and your crafty, resolute engine room mechanic.


Trust is built over time. That’s not news. What is news is that leaders can hotwire trust by consistently demonstrating character and competence. While competence is mostly assumed, expressing character is where executives can work the trust continuum. Because your audience must first know you to like you and, ultimately, trust you.


Wheelhouse works the trust continuum for influence with employees, investors, board members, and others. Trust produces admiration, motivation, and, most importantly, results.

Trusted Leadership Platform

I’ll start by asking you thought-provoking questions to get at your character. There’s no other way to uncover your story. Then, we’ll put your story on paper and build a communication plan around it. Here’s some of what’s included:

  • Your current and desired perception

  • Identity goals (how you want to be seen)

  • Real-life stories to demonstrate your character

  • A visibility plan to drive incremental influence

  • Communication strategies to spur your vision

  • Advocates to cultivate and a plan for each


Stakeholder Cultivation 

I orchestrate stakeholder plans to help leaders nurture critical one-to-one relationships. There’s a measurable plan for each individual stakeholder that tracks level of support, progress toward buy-in, the need for risk mitigation, etc. Why? Because gaining influence happens incrementally. And ideas require advocacy over time. Taking this disciplined approach puts you in the best position to cultivate the handful of people who will determine whether your strategic plan, culture effort, startup, or capital campaign succeeds.


Engagement works when the messaging strategy flows through all levels of the organization and employees feel in the know.

Regardless of complexity, I work to minimize downside, show employees at all levels what success looks like, and convey what’s being asked and what it will mean to your audience. After all, engagement is about what’s in it for your organization and, as importantly, “what’s in it for me?”

Wheelhouse employee engagement supports:​​​

  • Employer brand

  • Leadership transitions

  • Restructuring

  • Product and service launches

  • Market repositioning

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Technology-driven change

Aaron’s success is rooted in his incomparable ability to listen, ask smart, penetrating questions and aggressively — yet politely — persist in the pursuit of his business goals. He holds a rare and unique ability to maintain sincere, positive interactions with individuals from all walks of business and within all levels of leadership.


His incredible work ethic is matched only by his genuine enthusiasm for the discipline of marketing and communications. His passion for business and innovative ideas make Aaron a highly valued member of collaborative team projects.


It’s truly a pleasure to work side-by-side with someone who is not only intelligent, articulate and reliable, but also engaging, sharp-witted and fun.



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